Indochina Junk’s Instagram Photo Contest

Indochina Junk’s Instagram Photo Contest

From this November, Indochina Junk is happy to launch the BIGGEST INSTAGRAM PHOTO CONTEST OF THE YEAR with the topic of your own Halong Bay moment! If you did take or going to have a memorable Halong Bay with us and took some awesome photos, so do not hesitate to join our Instagram contest to share them and have chances to win a lot of valuable prizes monthly and the final prize of 1 FREE LUXURY HALONG BAY CRUISE on our Dragon Legend, plus a $300 AMAZON shopping voucher.


3 months, from Nov 10th 2016 to Feb 2nd 2017


  • All customers who have used services of Indochina Junk
  • Have Instagram account and be accessible via email or Instagram inbox.
  • Follower of Indochina Junk Instagram account:


Program content

The program “My Halong Moment” is a photo contest hosted on the official Instagram account of Indochina Junk. The purpose of this contest is creating a ground for travellers to share their experience in Halong bay with Indochina Junk as well as to demonstrate their photography skills with the help of Instagram platform.

How to participate


  • Participants are all customers who have been used the services of Indochina Junk in Halong bay.
  • The participants upload photos of their moment in Halong bay to their Instagram account, tag @indochinajunk, and use hashtag: #myhalongmoment, #indochinajunk, #halongbay in the description of the photos.
  • Those photos will be reposted to the official account of Indochina Junk with the same description as the original photos, and tag (credit) the authors (participants) of the photos. We will base on number of likes and comments on the reposted photos for evaluation. The same hashtags will be used for all photos.


  • The photos are belonged to the participants who have travelled to Halong and have used one of the services provided by Indochina Junk. We won’t accept any photos copied from the Internet or belonged to other individuals. The photos must include following hashtag: #myhalongmoment #indochinajunk #halongbay, and tag our Instagram account @indochinajunk.
  • The photos on participants’ accounts must be open for public, we encourage to share on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Each participant can upload more than one photo and there is no limitation for the number of photos joining the contest.


Every week, we will vote for the best photo of the week.

Every month, we will choose the best photo of the month based on the number of likes and comments by our followers.

After 3 months, the final winners will be announced with 2 categories (each winner for one category):

  • 01 award chosen by followers for the highest number of likes and comments
  • 01 award chosen by our examiners.


Monthly prize (during 3 month of contest): 50% discount Voucher for Halong Bay cruise with one cabin for 2 persons on any sharing cruise trip of Indochina Junk. (Valid till September 30th 2017), plus a $100 AMAZON Voucher.

Contest prize: 1 Free 2 DAY 1 NIGHT CRUISE/ 1 cabin for 2 persons on our luxury cruise: Dragon Legend Junk (Valid till September 30th 2017) plus a $300 AMAZON Voucher.


  • All participants are expected to follow the provisions stated in article (4). All comments conflict with those provisions will not be counted.
  • Within 7 days after Organization Committee announces the winners, the winners are expected to send us their personal information for receiving the prizes. The information sent after 7 days won’t be accepted and we consider it as a rejection of the prize. The prizes will be aborted.
  • The participants can join with different photos during the contest.


  • Prizes are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Indochina Junk has full authority to remove any sensitive contents or contents which are not appropriate for Vietnamese customs and culture. Any photos with inappropriate contents will not be accepted, and no point will be counted without notice
  • In case the information related to the contest of account holders or the social media is leaked. We will decide to change some policies or cancel the contest; we will inform all participants as soon as possible.
  • Indochina Junk has the right to use the photos participated as well as names and description of participants without paying any fee related to copyrights for the participants.
  • Indochina Junk can eliminate any participants without notice, if we detect any improper actions affect to the result of the contest.
  • If there are any changes in the terms and conditions of the contest, Indochina Junk will announce on the official Instagram account of Indochina Junk.
  • Privacy Policy: Indochina Junk has responsibility to protect and security personal information of participants. No information is shared for the third parties and used for other purpose outside the contest (or traded between company and the participant).


  • The participants need to understand, agree and follow the terms and conditions of the contest. In case of dispute, the complaints related to the competition, the Organization Committee will contact with the complainers and address the problem. The decision made by Organization Committee is the final decision.
  • All the staff, members of Indochina Junk, members of Organization Committee, or members of related parties are not allowed to join the competition.
  • Photos and other related contents must not violate the customs, culture and law of Vietnam. The photos must avoid contents relating to politics and religious. The usages of propaganda, incitement of violence, reactionary or acts of vandalism, discrimination, and inappropriate slang (swear, curse, and offensive words) are strictly prohibited.
  • Photos with the appearance of other cruise ship in Halong Bay (which is not a part of Indochina Junk’s line) will be counted as invalid and the points for those photos will not be recorded.
  • By agreeing with the terms and conditions of the program, participants accepted, agreed and committed not to complain or to make any legal actions in any forms (and purposes) against the Organization Committee (including member of OC, members of related parties) of Indochina Junk.


Indochina Junk’s Marketing team

Any questions about the contest, Please contact us via the Official Instagram acount: @indochinajunk, website, or email

Margaret & John

Website :; Instagram: @lostandfoundtravel


John is a professional videographer and photographer while Margaret has a own tour business based in Chicago. They are travelers and most of all, they weird and fun and funny and like sharing what they have learned. At Lost and Found Travel Blog and Instagram @lostandfoundtravel, they showed you the destination, the food and the culture. John visited Halong Bay in 2013 and 2015 and produce many media material with Indochina Junk.

Barry and Laura

Website:; Instagram: @worldlynomads


Barry and Laura based in Scotland, Barry is a professional wedding videographer, spending summers in the UK shooting weddings, and travel in the wedding off season to cure our insatiable wanderlust. Together with Laura, they have created Worldly Nomad travel blog to show and to tell you their story. Excellent photos on the road was posted on @worldlynomads. Barry and Laura visited Halong Bay in 2012 and 2015 with Indochina Junk.