Dragon Bay

Dragon Bay inspires travelers by its elegant shape and unique journey to discover Halong Bay in a day.

Dragon Bay is a traditional wooden boat, its concept follows the fishing boat used to sail Halong Bay in the old time. Boarding this elegantly shaped boat, you will get on an excursion through thousands limestone island and enjoy marvelous seascape that somehow recalls the memory of Halong bay in the past.

The boat can accommodate a group maximum of 12 persons joining a cruise together, every singles guest on Dragon Bay will find your own space on board to enjoy Halong Bay yourselves and get a personal service during trip.

Dragon Bay also provides another highlight of boat’s facility. Most of the day cruise boat on Halong Bay provides visitors with a limited basic facilities of dining tables and sundeck but Dragon bay serves guests a much better space including an outdoor dining area and a warm indoor restaurant, added by second floor sundeck for the best bay view and other functional areas (fully equipped bathroom, luggage area…), the boat is well designed and meet all requirement of an overnight cruise trip so just in a day excursion, its facility and service must fulfill all of your expectation.


  • Outdoor dining area
  • Indoor dining area
  • Spa
  • Bar
  • Relaxing cabin
  • Bookcase
  • En-suite bathroom
  • Sundecks

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